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Fresh Christian Fellowship is proud to support our
Worship Leader - Benjamin Taylor as he releases his new EP - Alone With You. 

Testmony for the EP; Alone With You

The E.P ‘Alone With You’ is a collection of very intimate worship songs written from a place of the deepest spiritual intimacy with God and a revelation that you can still be alone (isolated from others) but never absent of God’s love and comfort.

Near You, was written from an observer’s perspective after watching someone so broken find healing and a place of peace during Holy Spirit worship even though the pain was beyond human description. What others saw and experienced through that person had to be God because in the natural nothing was left.

Deep Within My Heart, was written from a place of loneliness and uncertainty. The words found their way into my heart sitting on the beach reflecting on my purpose and my current situation while focusing on the small waves that would lap over the sand and roll back into the ocean. There was a subtle sense within the sunset and calm lapping that God was there with me regardless of how I was feeling.

During that season, I opened a window in my home and experienced this sense again as the gentle breeze touched my face. These moments left me comforted in the knowledge of God. I felt reassured in my life in Christ and a reverence of who He is and where I am going with Him.

Call Upon Your Name, is written from the place of a life with Jesus as my comfort and ongoing support through the good times and the bad. I have experienced the ongoing authentic presence of God to be real and responsive to my call for help and to my prayers. God is my rock and my closest friend who never leaves nor forsakes me.

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